Some Mac OS X shortcuts

Recently I switched most of my IT to Apple products. I was kind of confused when I wanted to start my first programming session on my new MacBook Pro and recognized that some keys like curly brackets or the backslash seemed to be missing on the keyboard layout. I started to test some key combinations and searched on the internet for the proper shortcuts. Here is a list of combinations which at least some people, namely developers, might need at some point:

Alt + Shift + 7: \
Alt + n: ~
Alt + 5: [
Alt + 6: ]
Alt + 7: |
Alt + 8: {
Alt + 9: }

Personally I think the next one is important, as it prints the Apple logo as character (though I doubt that fonts outside the Apple universe have this character 😉 ). Really this is a character everyone needs in daily life…:

Alt + Shift + +

During my search I also found an Apple page which explains many shortcuts:

OS X keyboard shortcuts

I think everyone should find some interesting shortcuts on this page.

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