Developing FaaS with Oracle fn Project

In my last post I wrote about general concepts behind Function as a Service (FaaS) and my view on this application development style. As an example I used the basic pipes and filters concept implemented by Unix Shells and many shell commands. Within this post I will use the same example and implement it using a Function as a Service platform. To recap the scenario, we had a simple JSON file containing booking records. From this file we identified certain records based on purchased products. Afterwards we extracted customer emails which could be used as a list for targeted marketing.

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Function as a Service (FaaS)

In the last few years lightweight and flexible technologies and architectures become the predominant approach for enterprise applications. Besides Microservices, Function as a Service (FaaS) or Serverless Programming is a commonly discussed topic. Some see FaaS as an addition to today’s lightweight architectures, others see it as next step within the evolution of Cloud and IT.

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