Access OSB Resources using Java

Every now and then you might want to store some configurations in simple configuration files and use them as OSB Resources in pipelines. In most cases OSB functionality is sufficient to fulfil your requirements. However sometimes you might not be able to get to your goal directly. Recently, I had to retrieve a list of all values in a specific domain column within a Domain Value Map (DVM). As DVMs are primarily used to map one domain value to one or multiple other domains, existing DVM functions do not provide the capability to retrieve all values from a domain column. Therefore, I developed a Java Callout to get the desired result. The solution is applicable to all OSB resource types. This blog post presents the basic concepts used to implement a solution.

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Oracle BAM 12c Security Concept

Oracle’s BI application Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is the choice to provide Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) users with business insights of all running processes and applications. Due to the fact that in a standard Oracle FMW infrastructure multiple applications are hosted on which different user groups are operating one can imagine that not all information should be accessible by all users. At this point user roles and permissions become an important topic within enterprise applications. This article will provide an overview of Oracle BAM Security Concept which can be used to restrict user access to different data and dashboard categories.

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Mavenize SOA Templates

Ein primärer Fokus von Version 12c der Oracle SOA Suite war die Steigerung der Entwicklungsproduktivität. Zwei prominente Neuerungen sind die Einführung von diversen SOA Templates sowie die Unterstützung von Maven als Build-Tool. Die nun existierenden SOA Templates können in vielen Ebenen der SOA Suite Entwicklung genutzt werden. Sie unterstützen die Entwicklung sinnvoll, haben teilweise jedoch Limitierungen hinsichtlich ihrer Flexibilität.t An dieser Stelle wird die Möglichkeit Maven als alternatives Build-Tool in der SCA Entwicklung zu nutzen interessant.

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